Andrea Lipomi runs Feetish Spa Parlor housed here in Emergency Arts.  She has been a successful entrepreneur for many years.  We asked her to tell us a bit about herself and how she does what she does so well.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself. What brought you to the spa business and why Las Vegas?

A: I received my first professional massage over fifteen years ago and it changed my life! I wanted to be able to share that feeling with others, so I went to massage school back in Rochester, NY in 2005 (then esthetics school, then nail school). Vegas called to me because the weather is great and the spas are here I am!

Q: Not only do you offer an impressive range of relaxing treatments and services, but you also sell several lines of products. What are your favorite services and what do you love about the products you sell/use/represent?

A: One of my favorite services to perform is the Signature Feetment. It combines a foot soak, scrub and massage with a cooling foot balm application. Then I send the remainder of each tube home with each client.

That's what I love about the body and skin care products that I carry at Feetish: They work! And they take the guesswork out of self care! I have a lot of products in stock right now that are priced in the $5 - $25 range, because people shouldn't have to break the bank to take care of themselves.

Q: What sets you apart- makes you/your business unique? 

A: I believe Feetish Spa Parlor is unique not only in its atmosphere, but also in that I try to be aware of every single client's individual needs. If you walk away feeling like you were the most important person in my world for the last hour or two, I've done my job.

Thanks, Andrea!


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Mon – Sat    10am – 10pm

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