Photo by Adriana Chavez

Downtown Las Vegas is the vibrant historical center of the city, an exciting neighborhood where Vintage Vegas meets new creativity and innovative transformation! Emergency Arts is located in the heart of downtown, nestled between the eclectic shops of Container Park, and the live entertainment and classic casinos of Fremont Street. Our friendly neighboring businesses add to the local strength and livelihood of downtown. We are in the epicenter of the neighborhood hotbed, an anchor point between classic and contemporary, and fully embracing our city’s new identity as an international arts and entrepreneurial destination!

Emergency Arts is a creative collective, housed in the first medical complex ever built in downtown Las Vegas. The Fremont Medical building historically served the health and wellness needs of the local community; but when that community found they desperately needed artists to pump vibrant life back into the heart of Downtown Las Vegas, Emergency Arts emerged. Founders, Jennifer and Michael Cornthwaite, had a vision to create a dynamic, sustainable space where a diverse group of creatives come together to energize and inspire each other and the community. The Emergency Arts collective is made up of visual artists, stylists, innovative entrepreneurs, creative start-ups.

If you are doing something creative and you want to join a stimulating hive of fellow visionaries, come check us out. We have an eclectic collection of studios for rent to co-work, collaborate, or host an event in. We invite you to visit us and discover the unique off-the-strip experience that Las Vegas locals know and love! We still occupy the second floor of the building, with new neighbors Eureka! and Ramen shop on the first floor. Come down to say hello to our tenants!

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